June 29, 2015 Guy Hanson

Send us a picture of yourself wearing your Angel Face Minerals and we will make a poster of it and post it up on here and our face book page.  If you then share it on facebook/twitter and say a little bit about why you love Angel Face Minerals you will be entered in to our prize draw to win a free foundation of your choice of shade. Winner will be drawn on Monday 13th July ....good luck x


June 23, 2015 Guy Hanson

We are now blogging about our new 'problem skin' feature where customers, who are willing to have their before and after photos and videos posted, come along for an advice session and we blog about what their skin type is and what products we have used on them and what their benefits are. Here is our very first blog from this feature 


April 10, 2015 Guy Hanson

Our Angel Face Hair and Make Up Team feel very priviliged and excited to have been asked to beuatify all the finalists for Miss Cornwall Finals on 30th April this year :)


March 09, 2015 Guy Hanson

Please see our amazing Easter Starter Kit Offer.  You save £12 and its FREE delivery  FREE delivery on all Orders over £30 

Angel Face is Back

June 16, 2014 Guy Hanson

Application tips for a full make over


  • Apply a natural moisturiser to even out the moisture in your skin and neutralise it ready for your make up. 
    • Apply concealer with a concealer brush to any dark circles, extra red areas or blemishes on the face.  For oily skin you can apply it dry, for combination skin you can apply with water and for extra dry skin you can apply mixed with a moisturiser.  Apply either with a small kabuki brush, concealer brush or your finger.
    • Gently smooth over the applied areas with sponge in a circular motion just to even out the concealer. 
    • Apply foundation with domed kabuki brush, choose one that matches your skin tone.  Tap a little bit in to the lid, swirl your kabuki brush in to the foundation mineral powder until it is evenly distributed on to brush, tap the brush against the lid.  Apply on the face by firstly dabbing lightly all over the face to assure even distribution, then using a swirling motion, starting from the outside in.  Apply all over face, in to all the crevices of face and slightly on neck to give a lovely flawless finish.  Your skin tone should look completely evened out.  If looks powdery it means you have applied it too thick, if it hasn’t made much difference it means you have applied it too thin. If you would like a heavier coverage we advise to apply little and often and you can apply by mixing with 2 or 3 sprays of water in the lid which also gives a heavier coverage.  Might take a few practices to get it right for you.  Please note you can use the foundation as a concealer to cover light blemishes by applying as you would apply a concealer before the main foundation regime. 
    • Apply a bronzer with Contouring / bronzing kabuki brush by tapping a tiny amount of bronzing powder in to the lid and swirling the brush around and tapping it until really evenly distributed on the brush (you don’t want a big clump of it to go on at once) apply lightly only to areas that would naturally catch the sun (also to neck if it is very pale), .  You can iuse a simple technique called the 'two facing 3's ' to get best effects.  Tap the rest of the bronzer out of brush and then brush the brush around face to blend the bronzer in slightly. 
    • Apply blusher with the blusher kabuki brush by, again tapping a tiny amount into the lid, swirling the brush around and tapping up side down and then, while giving your cheekiest smile which will reveal your apples of your cheeks apply the blusher to each apple and stroke outwards.  Tap the brush and then blend .
    • Apply illuminator to cheeks using same brush and process as did with blusher.  You can also apply the illuminator to eye lids, eye brow bone, on top of lip stick and declotage (area above collar bone) for a radiant evening look.
    • Apply finishing powder with either your foundation kabuki brush or a large powder brush by tapping a small amount into the lid and swirling brush around and tapping up side down and apply lightly on to the t zone , nose and chin , this will set the foundation as well as matting the shine and giving a final natural flawless look. You can also use this mixed in with your foundation for extra speed in application or if you dont necessarily want to wear foundation you can use it on its own for a very light coverage and shine control. 
    • Apply a small amount of bronzer to outside edge of eye lids and slightly underneath to create a subtle frame and contour to the eyes, by using your finger or a soft eye shadow brush.
    • Apply your favourite mascara and eye brow definer
    • Apply your favourite lipstick or lip gloss or for just a subtle colouring to pale lips you can apply one of our blushers or bronzers to lips by mixing with a tiny amount of moisturiser and applying with a lip brush or your finger.