We want to make choosing your correct foundation as easy and straight forward as possible.  

Not everyone knows whether their undertones are cool or warm or have peach, yellow or pink undertones to it.  So we have a picture below of how each shade looks on real skin in ‘block colour’ form and in a ‘wash of colour’ form. 

We have also given examples of real and unedited faces that each shade has been matched to with a brief description of what kind of skin shade each foundation shade matches.

To keep our ethos of being ‘simple’ we thought we would be a bit different and rather than offering 12 or more shades and making it difficult to know which shade is right for you we formed only 6 shades with different undertones and as well as offering full sizes we also offer half sizes so that you can buy 2 different shades and mix them to whatever shade suits your skin colouring. Our products also oxidise so will adapt to your skin tone. 

Having now had just these 6 shades with the half size option on sale for 8 years has given us full confidence that this really is all that is needed as all our customers and make up artists have always found that this range has sufficed to cover every skin shade.