Tips and Tricks

Application tips for a full make over 

  1. Apply a moisturiser to even out the moisture in your skin and neutralise it ready for your make up. 
  1. Apply concealer with a concealer brush (blend brush in some moisturiser first to give it a thin coating), its always wise for your concealer to be lighter than foundation.  Apply a thin layer of moisturiser on the brush and tip a small amount of concealer into the lid, dip the brush into it and then apply it to any areas that you want to cover.  If you have any dark areas of acne, psoriasis etc then they might need another layer applied.  Apply the ‘colour corrector’ on red areas and the ‘bright eyes’ on dark under eye circles, Also apply the concealer on eye lids. 
  1. Gently smooth over the applied areas with sponge in a circular motion just to even out the concealer. 
  1. Apply foundation with domed kabuki brush, choose one that matches your skin tone.  Tap a little bit in to the lid, swirl your kabuki brush in to the foundation mineral powder until it is evenly distributed on to brush, tap the brush up side down.  Apply on the face in a swirling motion, starting from the outside in.  Apply all over face and slightly on neck to give a lovely flawless finish.  Your skin tone should look completely evened out.  If looks powdery it means you have applied it too thick, if it hasn’t made much difference it means you have applied it too thin. Might take a few practices to get it right for you. 
  1. Apply seashell eye shadow on eyes which will neutralise them to make eye shadow colours last even longer without creasing and will also even out skin tone to create a ‘blank canvas’ to apply other desired colours on to.  Apply this colour right up to the eye brow. 
  1. With a dampened eye shadow brush, apply a very light colour eye shadow, to the middle of the eye lids and a darker eye shadow to the outside of the eye lids and a thin strip underneath the eye and blend all together with dry blending brush. On small eyes this is enough but on bigger eyes you can use an even darker colour on the sockets of eyes to create an effective contoured look , this looks nice for an evening look. 
  1. Using a dark eye shadow and applying with an eye liner brush create a thin line to the bottom outside bottom edge of each eye or alternatively for a more defined look use a liquid eye liner. 
  1. Apply a coat of your favourite mascara to top and bottom lashes, (we recommend a lash extending waterproof mascara). 
  1. Apply a bronzer with large bronzing brush by tapping a tiny amount of bronzing powder in to the lid and swirling the brush around and tapping it until really evenly distributed on the brush (you don’t want a big clump of it to go on at once) apply lightly only to areas that would naturally catch the sun (also to neck if it is very pale), starting with the t-zone, then cheeks and then chin.  Tap the rest of the bronzer out of brush and then brush the brush around face to blend the bronzer in slightly. 
  1. Apply blusher with the small angled kabuki brush by, again tapping a tiny amount into the lid, swirling the brush around and tapping up side down and then, while giving your cheekiest smile which will reveal your apples of your cheeks apply the blusher to each apple and stroke outwards.  Tap the brush and then blend . 
  1. Apply another layer of mascara now that the first layer has dried (its better to apply another layer on to a dry layer to avoid ‘spider leg’ look). 
  1. Apply illuminator to cheeks using same brush and process as did with blusher.  You can also apply the illuminator to eye brow bone, on top of lip stick and neglitege (area above collar bone) for a radiant evening look. 
  1. Apply finishing powder with a large powder brush by tapping a small amount into the lid and swirling brush around and tapping up side down and apply lightly all over the face, this will set the foundation as well as matting the shine and giving a final natural flawless look. 
  1. After combing them through apply one of our 2 matt brown eye shadow shades to eye brow depending on how fair they are, by using the angled eye brow brush. 
  • Apply your favourite lipstick or lip gloss or for just a subtle colouring to pale lips you can apply one of our blushers or bronzers to lips by mixing with a tiny amount of moisturiser and applying with a lip brush.