Mineral Foundation 8 gram (Shade 02 - fair)

Mineral Foundation 8 gram (Shade 02 - fair)

Our foundations are free from fillers and talcs and also do not contain bismuth Oxychloride as most other brands do which, even though this creates a more creamy consistency, it can look too shiny and has been known to cause a lot of itchiness and allergic reaction, so we have left this ingredient out and replaced it with more titanium dioxide which, mixed with the mica, still gives a youthful glow but is no where near as shiny, gives more protection from the sun and isnt itchy.  

As well as the zinc and iron oxides which are both beneficial to the skin we also add in a plant extract called allantoin which is a natural anti infammatory so great for helping sooth and heal problematic skin such as eczema, psorisis, acne etc.  

Our products also contain kaolin which most other products do not contain, this allows the product to adhere to the skin better and by using with water it will give even better coverage and last longer where as most other brands without this can dissintigrate in the water. 

Our products have been created by professional make up artists who know what every day women's needs are so therefore we feel our products include many unique selling points for complete customer satisfaction.

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Zinc Oxide, Silica (amorphous, hydrated), Kaolin, Allantoin, Iron Oxides